"Colours fade, temples crumble, empires fall but these words endure" - Edward Thorndike

These collections of sayings about peace hope and action for a better world was inspired by all the wonderful people in my life who walked with me in all my struggles over the last four decades.

I am particularly grateful to those who helped shape The Taiping Peace Initiative where we promote a triple peace - peace with ourselves (inner peace), peace with other people (social peace) and peace with the Environment (eco – peace).

The selections are in no particular order so that you can take a journey of surprises after surprises of beautiful words.

If you have any ideas of quotations to be included, send them to us. We hope to build the collection further.

The wonderful thing about this idea is that you can browse at random, download a quote and use it as a poster, or email it to a friend!

May peace be upon you brothers and sisters.

Everlasting Peace

Anwar Fazal
The Taiping Peace Initiative


The Taiping Peace Initiative is a partnership between The Taiping Tourist Association. The Taiping Municipal Council, Universiti Sains Malaysia, and the United Nations. Its goal is to promote the culture of peace which it defines in three dimensions ~ inner peace, peace with other people, and peace with the environment. For further information please visit